FREE Lockdown Lunchtime Collective

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Nutriri and a few friends have gathered and we're meeting each Monday to Friday at 1pm UK Time for some mobilising pilates, empowering dance, group hypnotherapy, art play and so much more - join us as you are!
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Whatever you're doing with food... wherever you are with the 'diet-culture and body image' discussion...

...fuelled by the lived experiences of real people, Nutriri ends the body-shaming cycle and enables self-nurture for every body - offering you the 'how to' - enabling ease around food and body confidence for yourself.

How to join the Self Nurture Movement

Enrolment Closed - 12 Week Groups coming soon...

Enrolment Closed - 12 Week Groups coming soon...

**Launching Soon** Get access to the Food & Body Ease Course, Group Hypnotherapy and Nurture Active! 

All access pass and 2 sessions a month 'one to one' with a Hypnotherapy trained facilitator.
Nutriri has helped me to find a way of seeing food as something that can be enjoyed without guilt or shame. It has helped me to want to eat foods that don’t make me feel poorly or increase pain. I feel comfortable in my own body now and much more at ease with my food choices.
LF - Aug2020
"I enjoyed taking part in the course and found it has made a difference to my mental and emotional state. I generally feel more relaxed and accepting about my appearance. I have taken some really important messages about compassion for myself and others that help me avoid negativity. I also gained some powerful insights about how I relate to food and eating. All in all, a very positive experience, and I am very glad I did it!"
KR - Feb2020
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25th November Nutriri Live Session & Hypnotherapy

Group mentoring with a FreeMind® Move For Joy hypnotherapy session. Members LOG IN to access FREE.
View webinar £7.50
We've partnered with Dr Julian – if you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, or suspect one, you can also self-refer.
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We are a registered social enterprise at companies house and certified at SEUK.