Dr Angela Meadows

 Banting Postdoctoral Fellow and Weight Stigma Conference curator, Dr Angela Meadows joins the 'As You Are' conversation to discuss why size acceptance is actually good for us.  The facts, science, and things to tell our friends / family / doctor when they give us a hard time.
"The idea that if fat people accept themselves they’ll only sit around on the sofa eating cheesecake until they explode just isn’t borne out. There wasn’t a lot in the scientific literature to support the notion of size acceptance as a positive thing. Which led me to my PhD. Whereas I’d previously been interested in studying food addiction, to try, yet again to explain my apparently inexplicable inability to stay away from food (an inability that disappeared overnight the day I decided to give up dieting), I chose to look at the effects of internalised weight stigma, and how to challenge and change them."