Nutriri Founder Helen James

'As You Are' Summit host and Nutriri founder Helen James invites you to be part of the solution to ending body stigma and disordered eating.

In 2015 after decades! of yo-yo-ing her body weight through restriction and undernourishment, Helen decided she'd had enough of subscribing to diet culture and set about creating a compassionate replacement for weekly weigh-in groups.

On a mission to have GP's stop referring to slimming clubs, by building our non-clinical peer coaching network.

I hope you'll join us, on the summit, to find out more - and see what we plan to do next :)

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🌟 1st Prize - A year of 1 to 1 Coaching value £1000 🌟
🌟 2nd Prize - A year of WEEKLY Group Coaching value £600 🌟
🌟 3rd Prize - A year of MONTHLY Group Coaching value £120 🌟
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You can join the Fundraising 'As You Are' ONLINE Summit & Replays in 3 ways...

Access to ALL of the Speakers, Activities, Performers and Content for the whole of January #FeelGoodDoGood
£15 until 14th Feb

Keep Access to the Summit AND our Food & Body Ease Course AND MONTHLY Group Coaching Calls
£10 per month

VIP Interactive Access to the Summit - GET our Complete Food & Body Ease Course and WEEKLY Coaching Calls
£50 per month