Naked Confidence - Alison Murphy *contains nudity* obvs!

After years of body acceptance work “The prospect of this shoot didn’t bother me in the least – I was excited to do it and looking forward to it.  On the day – especially having watched my buddy jump in first, I wasn’t nervous or anxious – I had no issues taking my clothes off and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  Nothing though, could have prepared me for the feelings that came up after this shoot and that continue to ripple out daily for me.” 

Naked Confidence - Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is co-founder and co-owner of Hippy & Bloom Photography, a dynamic agency that seeks to bring a unique take to family, new-born and school photographic experiences.  Having trained as both a nurse and a psychotherapist, she recognises the importance of using her work as a photographer to help both to promote healthy body image and also to enable clients to recognise the objective reality of their own beauty in the face of the tyrannical standards of the western fashion industry.  She is inspired by the work of US photographer Jade Beall with whom she has trained.

Alison and Sharon talk about the inspirations, motivations and take aways from their recent photoshoot.