How We Relate To Ourselves - Deb & Bec

Let Nutriri introduce you to Deb & Bec, they help people with EVERYTHING relationship related.

It turns out life is ALL about relationships.   
How we relate to ourselves, our bodies, other people, money and life. We can get into all kinds of struggles and overwhelming problems. 

Learning about relationships and how they work is both surprisingly simple and hugely helpful ~ and it’s something we know a lot about. 

We are Auntie and Niece and we have both had more than our fair share of relationship struggles that negatively affected us in many areas of our lives.

Deb was in a very unhealthy relationship, which she eventually left and moved into a women’s refuge. 
She was left feeling insecure, anxious and stressed…her life was in a mess. 
Then a short while later in 2011 she came across a spiritual understanding that completely changed everything.
 “I wasn’t coping very well at all I was full of guilt and shame and was struggling to move past all the bad things that had happened to me and that I had done.
Since having my first insight I have made it my mission to share this understanding with as many people as I can and change their lives too.”

Bec, Deb’s niece, watched Deb’s transformation and when her own life appeared to be crumbling around her, it was natural that she turned to ‘Aunty Deb’ for support. 

“I had lost sight of who I was. I spent my days with anxious knots in my stomach, on edge, unsure what to do to get my life back together. As Deb started to share this simple understanding with me, pieces of the jigsaw just fell into place. I got my life back together
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