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Whether we meet as a group or 1 to 1, we're all peers...

I'm not a clinician or a credentialed expert, other than of my own lived experience of life so far.  I just happen to be the person who creates some safe spaces for those who want to show up, discover and share their own version of food and body ease. In a judgement and shame free place.

As a paid (or 14 Day FREE Trial) Connect & Nurture member you receive full access to our Food & Body Ease Course (usually £250)

You'll receive your invite to register for each mentoring session, if you're signed up to our Connect & Nurture Memberships (and have your contact settings set to ✅).

'Mindset' is a misnomer - from experience - believing that we can 'achieve' a fixed state of mind, and stay awake to it, creates struggle. 

So we are less about creating goals, and mindsets, we'd rather put our energy into helping you feel well 'As You Are'. Meeting you where you are - you can learn your version of food and body ease - and get to see the wider impact; for you, loved ones and society generally.

Thank you for being part of the solution!
During mentoring we ask a few basic courtesies...
  • ask open questions (give advice only if asked)

  • practice empathy (see through their eyes the best you can)

  • share your insights freely - no judgement here

If you feel you need a more clinical session; Nutriri has partnered with Dr Julian where you can register and access the free depression and anxiety assessments there.

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