Food & Body Ease Course

Course Intro - Why Nutriri?
What this course is...
Our First Online Summit
Mental Wellbeing & Medical Disclaimer
Please answer here before proceeding...
Wellbeing Self Assessment by Happy City
The Power of Connection
1 min
Course Intro - Why Nutriri?: Quiz
Feeding Hunger - Stigma - Body Expectation - HAES®
What is hunger?
Feeding Hunger
Hungry Thirsty Full
Hunger Scales
Dr Angela Meadows - Weight Stigma
Weight Stigma
What is HAES® Health At Every Size
Use your words!, Knowing Your Privilege(s) and Intersectionality
Body Expectations
Feeding Hunger - Stigma - Body Expectation - HAES®: Quiz
Section 1 Check In
Let us know...
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Emotional Eating FreeMind
21 mins
Desired Foods - Thought Wellbeing
Desired Foods
Two Step Approach
What's Right or Wrong with...
ONE Question on Thought Wellbeing
Thought Wellbeing
Music, Meditation and Self Acceptance
Section 2 Check In
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Letting Go FreeMind
20 mins
Mindful Conscious Intuitive Eating - Present Moment Awareness
In The Moment with food
Our Definition of M,C,I Eating
Reasons NOT to be In The Moment
3 mins
Eating - a guided exercise...
Section 3 Check In
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Alignment FreeMind
32 mins
Finding Full - Judgement - Change:Accept
Finding Full
Our Inner Critic and Judgement
Do you own or use scales?
Where are you at now?
Change:Accept - Personal Choice and 'Naked Confidence'
Section 4 Check In
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Cravings - Self Compassion - Routine
Self Compassion & Forgiveness
A spiral curriculum of compassion...
Practice for Habit Change
Nurture Active
Section 5 Check In
Second Wellbeing Self-Assessment
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Compassion FreeMind
17 mins
Audio only for Compassion Hypnotherapy