Congratulations! thank you for joining and being part of the solution - to undoing the damage caused by toxic diet culture.

we're here for....

  • everybody fat, thin, tall, short, any age and gender/nb
  • every health and ability level
  • a discovery of self care from self acceptance/love
  • finding your version of food and body ease
  • an embrace life just as it is experience together
  • a '_______' (your choice*)

prerequisites for joining...
  • readiness to (re)discover your version of food and body ease

The content is curated from the lived experience of many; gathered during our 3 year research phase - basically we started an 'in person' peer support group and listened a lot. 

Some content is sourced from academia and referenced as such. The real 'work' will be co-created together during our weekly or monthly mentor calls.

We encourage healthy debate and comment within the course itself, membership posts and live calls. We ask a few basic courtesies...
  • ask open questions
  • give advice only if asked
  • practice empathy (see through their eyes the best you can)
  • share your insights freely - no judgement here

The core of this work is to equip us with the skills to respond and react differently to how we might currently, and in the past. 

So if we've felt shamed, criticised, pressured, blamed for our actions or inactions, then the course is here for that.

The peer support that you'll experience here is non-clinical, if you feel a more clinical approach is for you right now; we've partnered with Dr Julian to offer that service.  And we would always recommend a visit to your own medical doctor.

Trigger Warning: Self and food discussion can be very triggering to many, the aim of Nutriri is to share actual lived experience with honesty.  The content may not necessarily come from a doctor, therapist or expert on mental health conditions & disorders.  If you notice that something is beginning to trigger you, first stop reading/listening/watching - then if you feel you can share (anonymously) please do so - this will greatly inform everyone's learning.

Meeting everyone right where they're at - on a diet/off a diet, post/pre-surgery, on/off a health kick - is the kind of inclusivity we thrive on.

Over the course/membership we'll gently explore what it means, *individually, to stop feeling controlled by the ways we've learnt to behave around food.

We are not here to food or diet shame any individual, just to expose the wider impact on society from a mass 'you are not good enough, buy our product' messaging.  

£15 billion and rising!

What are YOUR hopes for the Food & Body Ease course? - share in the comments...

Food & Body Ease Course

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