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Hello and welcome to the Nutriri community!

You will find everyone here is committed to a message of compassionate self-acceptance and that we have created a space where we are all kind and supportive to each other. That’s something we need to establish in order to learn to be kind and supportive to ourselves.

Nutriri and what it’s about
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The Nutriri programme is designed to meet you where youre at: whatever your current struggles are, by connecting with others in this supportive community you will develop a compassionate acceptance of who you are. 

The course area and live calls give you easy access to connect and share with other people on the Nutriri programme. You can also contact your facilitators by email.

With Nutriri, for three months you will be actively learning to find your own version of food and body ease. 

You will be a co-creator of your own version of the Nutriri programme, so your ideas and experiences as you work through the programme are valued and add to the collective learning. For example, some people find goals and targets helpful and motivating, whereas for others, they are damaging and create pressure. You get to choose your own approach, to suit your own mindset. 

In Nutriri, we recognise that your back story matters. All past experience is meaningful: it is your lived experience that has led you to this moment. You don’t have to disclose your back story but you can if you want to. We invite you to be as reflective as you want to be, and to contribute as much or as little as feels comfortable, in each live session. There is no right or wrong way to show up for the live calls. 

Nutriri was created by Helen James to make sense of years of yoyo dieting; to make those years meaningful and find a new way to think about wellbeing in a holistic and weight-neutral way. We are committed to being inclusive and supportive, accepting whatever you have been doing to survive, and helping you to develop your own approach using the tools we have tried and tested and built into the Nutriri programme.

To discover self-acceptance and self-nurture, we’ll learn how to work through the things which block us, such as how to work with the inner critic who sabotages so much of our wellbeing. We’ll practice how to nurture ourselves through intuitive eating and finding movement for joy. 

The Nutriri programme
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This email gives you an overview of what to expect over the next 12 weeks and we hope it will give you a clear idea of how things work. We will continue to send it out below the text in other emails, though, so you will always be able to find the information easily.

The Nutriri programme is organised over 12 weeks, and the structure is designed to allow you to work through the content within two-week segments at your own pace. 

Each two-week segment covers a particular topic and comprises one week with a live session with your facilitator and one week of course-based learning and reflection. You work through the two weeks at your own pace within that fortnight. You will always have access to the support of the Nutriri community through the course area and through your facilitator. 

Every week is supported by “nurture emails” which will help to keep you in touch with the programme. They will prompt you to log in and follow the work, and they will also provide encouragement to support you as you move through the course. 

We understand that life can get in the way sometimes, and we dont want anyone to feel that if they havent completed all of the activities at the end of a two-week segment that they have somehow messed up! Your inner critic will be quick to tell you that youve failed, but in Nutriri there is no failure and we can and will support you. 

Your facilitator is here to provide support, but you will need to let them know if you are struggling with anything. It’s important to keep in touch and, even if you haven’t been able to complete all of the activities, please try to prioritise the live sessions.

In the five years spent developing Nutriri, we found that this 12-week structure offers the optimum rhythm for this work, and the optimum support within the programme for helping you discover your own version of food and body ease.

Remember, Nutriri is all about self-compassion and the self-nurture that will allow you to become happier in yourself and more comfortable in your own skin!

Nutriri 12 Week Hypnotherapy, Food & Body Ease Course

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