Donna Noble - Curvesome Yoga


We're so pleased that Donna Noble from Curvesomeyoga joined us on the 'As You Are' summit for a session of inclusive yoga. 

Donna is the Founder of Curvesomeyoga, and has been practising yoga since late 1990s, she has been certified Yoga Teacher since 2011. A Master NLP Practitioner and Body Positive Advocate. She has taught Internationally in New York, Texas, India and all over the UK at workshops and wellbeing events. 

Donna has been featured in and contributes to Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine, Yoga Magazine, Elephant Journal, Metro Online, Yoga International and various publications and blogs for Huff Post. She is on a mission to evolve the image of yoga making it more accessible and diverse. 

This is reflected in the way that she teaches making every body welcome on the yoga mat.

She is also a speaker, writer and blogger and Be Real Ambassador.  

She is on a mission to evolve the image of yoga so that it becomes more inclusive and diverse. Showing that everyBODY is a yoga body

Session requirements:
Loose comfortable clothing 
Yoga Mat 
Camera ON or OFF it's your choice - Donna will be able to guide more individually if ON of course.