Helen - Bristol

"After 30 years of yo-yo'ing and  keeping life on hold - I now get to make these experiences mean something, by creating Nutriri with such wonderful co-facilitators!"

Ask Helen...

What made you start Nutriri?

I was fed up with paying out to groups that had little to no interest in actually seeing me 'succeed' enough to no longer need their services. Oh, and the way the group leader seemed to scan me up and down, in the street, was annoying too!

I had no real answers back in 2015; just an inkling to create a meet up group and ask what others needed from a group that was interested in us all finding ease around food and our bodies.

What has been your lived experience of diet/judgement culture?

I truly feel that had I not started messing with my food; restricting intake to retain my teenage body, I wouldn't have yo-yo'd so vastly over so many years. I can remember teasing about my big bum at age 10 - from my school's country dancing teacher! 

Getting stretch marks around age 13 and seeing 80s magazines clearly telling me that these were unacceptable; along with cellulite - my changing body just wasn't on trend!

What are your hopes for the Nutriri Self Nurture Movement?

To co-create, using everyone's lived experience, the end of diet and judgement culture. 

By helping individuals find their own version of food and body ease; we help society (us) know and understand body acceptance, weight neutrality and compassion generally, so that we are better able to self nurture.

Let's all acknowledge that the 'war on obesity' isn't working. And that fresh thinking is needed to create a self-nurturing and connected culture that includes every-body.

Live Sessions

Nutriri Live Session & Hypnotherapy - 28th October

Group mentoring with a FreeMind® Accept Yourself hypnotherapy session. Members LOG IN to access FREE.
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Nutriri Live Session & Hypnotherapy - 4th November

Group mentoring with a FreeMind® Compassion hypnotherapy session. Members LOG IN to access FREE.
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Nutriri Live Session & Hypnotherapy - 11th November

Group mentoring with a FreeMind® Emotional Eating hypnotherapy session. Members LOG IN to access FREE.
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Nutriri Live Session & Hypnotherapy - 18th November

Group mentoring with a FreeMind® Letting Go hypnotherapy session. Members LOG IN to access FREE.
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Nutriri Live Session & Hypnotherapy - 25th November

Group mentoring with a FreeMind® Move For Joy hypnotherapy session. Members LOG IN to access FREE.
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Hypnotherapy Review

I really look forward to my hypnotherapy sessions with Helen. She is a calm, sympathetic, empathic and non-judgemental therapist who manages to make a therapy session feel like a happy and relaxing chat with a helpful friend. She has a seemingly endless range of therapeutic and hypnotherapeutic skills at her fingertips and is generous with her help and advice. Whatever issue I bring to the session, Helen is able to adapt the therapy to my specific needs on that day. If I don’t have a major issue to discuss, Helen has a range of techniques to promote personal inner strength and to help deal with past emotional or psychological hurts. These can benefit anyone at any time. I certainly find them very helpful.

I have benefitted hugely from my hypnotherapy. In only a few sessions over 3 months, Helen has guided me from a place of negative thinking, dominated by fear, anxiety and depression to having a positive outlook and a feeling that I can engage with the world with renewed confidence. All my sessions with Helen have been via Zoom; the ultimate in socially-distanced hypnotherapy. However, Helen is such a good therapist, that the technology doesn’t intrude and you very quickly feel forget that you are not in a room with her, but still sitting in your own home.

If you are thinking of trying hypnotherapy but wondering if it is the technique for you, or even if it is possible for you to be hypnotised, give it a try! Helen uses music, relaxation and guided visualisation as a major part of her hypnotherapy session. If nothing else, you will have had a quiet relaxation and thought some lovely thoughts for a while. If your experience is anything like mine, you will find that the visualisations make subtle changes that really make a big difference in your life.
LF - Dorset

Empower yourself and others...

Wherever you are on your self-nurture journey, you can help others and yourself to reconnect and find body ease.

Receive FULL training: Our unique training process empowers facilitators to adapt our program to their strengths and interests and to practice it in their communities; offline and digitally.

Thank you for your interest in facilitating with Nutriri - our commitment to inclusion... 

Diversity is a fact of life. Inclusion is a choice and a practice – for organisations and individuals. At Nutriri, our aim is to drive inclusion into every area and activity of what we do.

However you identify, we would like to hear from you. In our commitment to continue to diversify our team, we are particularly keen to hear from those who identify as BAME, LGBTQ+ and those with disabilities. 

If you require any reasonable adjustments during this process, please let us know. 
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