Hugh - Devon

I had the privilege of growing up in a (seemingly) non-judgemental environment and had not experienced the weight and appearance prejudice others have felt. Nutriri has really opened my eyes to this kind of stigma and it's impact. I'm here to help others 'new' to weight neutral understanding.

Ask Hugh

Why Nutriri?

I've known Helen since she started Nutriri and have enjoyed witnessing it develop. During the lockdown, whilst out on some long chatty walks, I began to realise that I had grown up in a non-judgemental environment and had not experienced the prejudice others had felt or were feeling due to being categorised as not being 'the norm'.  
I asked Helen to become part of Nutriri as I want to help others now achieve harmony and happiness by promoting, and keep learning about, this wonderful self-nurture movement.

What's your take on food and exercise?

Originally from South Africa, growing up nearly all of what I ate was fresh and local; I enjoy cooking and eating from fresh these days too.
I never felt I had to 'watch what I ate' through having a very active work and social life. Some old injuries have come back to haunt me, and the restriction on going to the gym lately, have had an effect on me. The gym keeps me mobile and is imperative for my mental health too; I am relieved my gym is now back open.

Hopes for the future...

Nutriri is such an inclusive movement, how we co-create at Nutriri makes the spaces we make online inviting to both those that 'get' what we do, and those that don't yet. I think I offer a very 'matter of fact approach' which some really appreciate. I look forward to meeting you on a session soon.

Live Sessions

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