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"I was a customer before I was a facilitator. I recognised Nutriri’s aims and I thought that their passions aligned with mine. I thought they might be able to offer me a way to be kinder to myself… and they did! Then, I loved it so much, I wanted to work out a way that I could support other people to access the same thing I did."
Meet Simone


"Imagine how different the world would be if everyone loved themselves exactly as they are? Combining Nutriri with my FreeMind® principles, I feel like we’re one step closer to making that happen. I’m excited to be able to bring my own experience of learning body acceptance and unlearning the negative impact of diet culture to the table.”
Meet Sara


"After years of working with and teaching food, healthy eating and lifestyle change to children and adults, dishing out advice such as ‘move more and eat less’ and concentrating on what to eat, I began to realise it isn’t that simple. 
I knew there must be a missing puzzle piece as I was still obsessing with food and weight"
Meet Sally


"When I was in my final year of dance education I was told to ‘lose weight’ for my solo exam.  I was by then dancing with the National Ballet of Rhodesia, classed as ‘not thin enough’ for a ballerina-to-be. I was given a diet to follow that had zero fat and carbs in it.  By the time I had lost the required ‘excess’, I had developed an obsession with food." 
Meet Lynette


"Finding Nutriri and learning about compassionate acceptance has enabled ease for me, to finally wear a bikini!, I don’t feel ashamed of my body. 
I was - and now not - considering surgery to remove excess skin. I eat food that I know doesn’t increase inflammation. My cravings have reduced and binging isn’t a coping mechanism any more."
Meet Leanne


"Nutriri is truly inclusive... 

...there is something powerful and very beautiful about meeting each person where they are at - whether that is deep in the trenches of self-objectification and chaotic eating - or in a state of mindfulness, body love and  food harmony...
...or anywhere along that spectrum"
Meet Lauren


"I had the privilege of growing up in a (seemingly) non-judgemental environment and had not experienced the weight and appearance prejudice others have felt. 
Nutriri has really opened my eyes to this kind of stigma and it's impact. I'm here to help others 'new' to their own weight neutral understanding"
Meet Hugh


"I messed with my food and vastly yo-yo'd my body weight for over 30 years before realising that, for me, it wasn't bringing peace around what i ate or what i wore! - i'd stop myself engaging in family holidays and activities and generally lived a half life - now i get to make these experiences mean something, by co-creating Nutriri with these wonderful facilitators!"
Meet Helen


"I’d yo-yo’d for years and experienced many things; over/undereating, secret eating, binge eating, zero carbs, zero sugar, juice diets, fasting, some weird gel detox pyramid scheme thing, calorie counting, macro counting! 
I joined SW and got judged many times with.. ‘what are you here for?’"
Meet Christie


"The Food & Body Ease course and mentoring helped me reframe body acceptance and ease around food. I've learned to connect with my body, to check in on her; to nurture a gentle awareness of how best to nourish myself with acts of self-nurture and care. All of these learnings helped me feel confident in my wedding dress in 2018, and to feel at ease in my own skin today"
Meet Callie


"I love that Nutriri provides a compassionate 'how to' if you will – meeting people where they are NOW and helping them to see that the road to body and food ease can be found within - No scales, no shaming, only compassion, kindness and encouragement. It brings the joy back to food – both preparing and eating have become more mindful experiences"
Meet Alison

Empower Yourself and Others!

Wherever you are on your self-nurture journey, you can help others and yourself to reconnect and find body ease.

Receive FULL training: Our unique training process empowers facilitators to adapt our program to their strengths and interests and to practice it in their communities; offline and digitally.

Thank you for your interest in facilitating with Nutriri - our commitment to inclusion... 

Diversity is a fact of life. Inclusion is a choice and a practice – for organisations and individuals. At Nutriri, our aim is to drive inclusion into every area and activity of what we do.

However you identify, we would like to hear from you. In our commitment to continue to diversify our team, we are particularly keen to hear from those who identify as BAME, LGBTQ+ and those with disabilities. 

If you require any reasonable adjustments during this process, please let us know. 
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