Food & Body Ease Course by Nutriri Self Nurture Movement

The Food & Body Ease Course

Work at your own pace, join in the regular group hypnotherapy sessions, ask questions inside the course, be as active or reflective as you like...

What's Inside...

Course Intro - Why Nutriri?
What this course is...
Our First Online Summit
Mental Wellbeing & Medical Disclaimer
Please answer here before proceeding...
Wellbeing Self Assessment by Happy City
The Power of Connection
1 min
Course Intro - Why Nutriri?: Quiz
Feeding Hunger - Stigma - Body Expectation - HAES®
What is hunger?
Feeding Hunger
Hungry Thirsty Full
Hunger Scales
Dr Angela Meadows - Weight Stigma
Weight Stigma
What is HAES® Health At Every Size
Use your words!, Knowing Your Privilege(s) and Intersectionality
Body Expectations
Feeding Hunger - Stigma - Body Expectation - HAES®: Quiz
Section 1 Check In
Let us know...
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Emotional Eating FreeMind
21 mins
Desired Foods - Thought Wellbeing
Desired Foods
Two Step Approach
What's Right or Wrong with...
ONE Question on Thought Wellbeing
Thought Wellbeing
Music, Meditation and Self Acceptance
Section 2 Check In
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Letting Go FreeMind
20 mins
Mindful Conscious Intuitive Eating - Present Moment Awareness
In The Moment with food
Our Definition of M,C,I Eating
Reasons NOT to be In The Moment
3 mins
Eating - a guided exercise...
Section 3 Check In
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Alignment FreeMind
32 mins
Finding Full - Judgement - Change:Accept
Finding Full
Our Inner Critic and Judgement
Do you own or use scales?
Where are you at now?
Change:Accept - Personal Choice and 'Naked Confidence'
Section 4 Check In
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Cravings - Self Compassion - Routine
Self Compassion & Forgiveness
A spiral curriculum of compassion...
Practice for Habit Change
Nurture Active
Section 5 Check In
Second Wellbeing Self-Assessment
FreeMind® Hypnotherapy Session
Compassion FreeMind
17 mins
Audio only for Compassion Hypnotherapy

Food & Body Ease Course