Our Nurturing Sessions

In December, we are launching 'groups' for each of our wonderful facilitators - watch this space!

Please join in any week to be supported on the HAES® aligned - Food and Body Ease Course  (please note: you do not need to have purchased the course to attend) and you can choose to stay on to experience a group FreeMind® Hypnotherapy session or visit recordings within the course at your own pace. 

Live Sessions

25th November Nutriri Live Session & Hypnotherapy

Group mentoring with a FreeMind® Move For Joy hypnotherapy session. Members LOG IN to access FREE.
View webinar £7.50

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone experiences every day. When we first wake in the morning, when we are on autopilot, daydreaming or in a state of flow, we are experiencing natural hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy teaches us how to harness that powerful state of mind so that we can improve how we think, feel and behave so that we can access happiness in life.


Nutriri is a self-nurture movement, striving for inclusivity and safe practice.  Hypnosis is not recommended if you have a psychosis or personality linked mental health diagnosis, please check with your GP first.

When being hypnotised...

• You will remember everything that happens
• You retain complete control
• You can’t be made to do anything against your will