OCD, Depression & Body Image - Lizz Mears

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Lizz Mears was diagnosed with OCD & Depression at the age of 11.
She’s had multiple stays in psychiatric hospitals up until the age of 22.
A side effect of which meant she not only gained weight due to the medication she was given, but she also was surrounded by patients who inadvertently taught her some bad coping mechanisms.
She’s lost friends along the way to Anorexia and Depression and has seen the absolute devastation these illnesses cause.

These experiences, along with society’s expectations of our bodies ruined how Lizz viewed herself.

Since 2012 Lizz has been on one hell of a journey back to loving and treasuring the completely perfectly, imperfect body she’s in.

TW: Her journey included bariatric surgery & she wants everyone to know there is no shame in the surgery.

Lizz is an Artist living in Dorset, UK.

She’s been a radio show host & is currently uploading videos to her YouTube channel ‘Lizz Oversharing Life’, where she hopes to help at least one person understand that they are not alone in this journey to both mind & body acceptance.

2020 comes with a new vision! One where we’re all loved & respected in the skin we’re in.
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