October 23, 2019

Welcome to your Nutriri Connect & Nurture Memberships

When we first set up Nutriri (winter 2015/16) we had an idea that bringing together a group of people to find food and body ease - regardless of their weight/shape/acceptance/change intentions - would be worth exploring.  We'd had enough of all the health judgements and body shaming and just knew there had to be a kinder way to feel good - now.

"compassion and connection is at our core"

Everybody here has lived the experience of 'diet land', in one way or another, and everyone's understanding - and story to tell - has the power to offer insight to others.  We've witnessed the value of sharing - without the need to be 'right' or 'wrong'.

"we celebrate 7.5+ billion kinds of normal"

In this space you'll feel the benefit by being engaged; we're putting the 'self' back into self-care by recognising that often the best self help can come from supporting another.

We ask a few basic courtesies...

  • ask open questions (give advice only if asked)

  • practice empathy (see through their eyes the best you can)

  • share your insights freely - no judgement here

Housekeeping: please read our disclaimer, t&c's and privacy policy before your continued use of Nutriri site(s) and our non-clinical peer support network.

If you feel you need a more clinical session; Nutriri has partnered with Dr Julian where you can register and access their free depression and anxiety assessments.

In the video - there is an anomaly! no it's not my overly straight hair (I embrace curls these days!) it's the £250m slimming club spend I mention.... we now believe it to be nearer £500m per year that we spend to stand on scales!

How does the membership platform work?

we keep it really simple... once you are subscribed to any of our memberships, you'll receive 

  • an email (make sure these aren't landing in your spam) about every 3 days
  • use the links in those emails to join the communal membership area
  • if you comment and somebody replies; another email should land in your inbox
  • you can 'like' posts & comments too (these don't trigger emails)
  • some posts will be open to all tiers of membership and some will be just for your tier

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Our FREE membership comes with...
  • Community Access
  • Peer Support
  • Wellbeing Self-Assessment
  • Event Discounts
  • Newsletter Email
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Insight PLUS

£10 / month
Insight PLUS Membership includes ALL from FREE and...
  • Monthly LIVE Check-Ins
  • Insight Podcast Access
  • Exclusive Coaching Posts (Insight PLUS and above)
  • Your Summit Attendance Ticket (including Affiliate-ship)
  • Partner Discounts
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Nurture COACH

£50 / month
Nurture COACH Membership includes ALL from Insight PLUS, FREE and...
  • Group Coaching and FULL Access to our Food & Body Ease Course 
  • Weekly LIVE COACHING deep dives
  • Coaching Podcast Access
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ONE to ONE Nurture COACH

£100 / month
£1,000 / year (save 17%)
ONE to ONE Nurture COACH Membership includes everything from the other tiers, plus:
  • One to One walk through of our Food & Body Ease Course
  • Scheduled One to One Coaching sessions (*available straight away to yearly subscribers / 2hrs per month otherwise)
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