Challenging Weight & Health Stigma

We've had enough of yo-yo'ing - body shaming - discriminatory GP/BMI'ing - the "you shouldn't eat that" talk - and so much more.

At Nutriri, we're all in on body-acceptance, HAES® and sharing the insight that size doesn't determine health.

The traditional view of weight and health is causing harm, so we've designed a platform, based on significant research and lived experience, to bring together a community of like-minded individuals to provide them with the tools necessary to know acceptance and find ease around food.

We co-create and gather the lived experience of many to do what we do; through schools workshops, community groups and our in-person and online peer group mentoring.

All as a not-for-profit social enterprise

£500m estimated annual spend to stand on scales! £15bn annual economic impact - eating disorders

(pic: Nutriri founder Helen James)

Our name means to NURTURE

  1. nurture
  2. nourish/feed/fuel
  3. look after

We are a social enterprise created to nurture all who join; to find food and body ease.  Regardless of size and shape.

We coach mindful – conscious – intuitive eating and promote body diversity; a non-judgemental approach that meets members where they are on the ‘diet culture / body acceptance spectrum’!

We hope to be so effective at helping people gain body-acceptance, that we'd like to run out of ‘customers’ as soon as possible!


I use slimming clubs; can I join?

Absolutely yes!  - but don't expect us to talk about your diet!! - We meet everyone exactly where they are, without judgement and further shame.  Of course over time, we hope you'll quit restrictive eating - either way - you deserve our compassionate support.

Do you provide weight-loss plans or weight-goals?

No, we've worked hard to create a community of acceptance and respect to help our members feel loved and help them nurture themselves based on leading research, content, and events.  We feel that 'self care starts with self acceptance'.

Why have I never heard of Nutriri?

Nutriri is relatively new to the market, but we pack-a-punch. We are so grateful to have already been able to work with the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH); endorsing the Health At Every Size (HAES®) approach. We're also HIPsters! with the Academic Health Science Network's Health Innovation Programme.

What else should I know?

With the old school diet industry making billions... does it help to know that Nutriri is a UK registered social enterprise? - a beyond profit that is committed to re-investing it's profits to grow a movement to reach and support more people.

Can I get active at Nutriri?

Our 'in person' meet ups, and some of our e-meetings, offer a chance to connect and be out in nature, walking or running; on a bike; taking a swim. Or sometimes we’ll celebrate and dance like no-one is watching!
For some of us, our capacity to exercise fluctuates; so most importantly, there’s no judgement found at Nutriri - just connection and nurture.

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