Who are we?

We are a community of people fed up of yo-yo dieting and tired of being kept in the struggle towards unrealistic body goals. 

We believe that body acceptance can be learnt, that self-nurture is innate and that we can be guided by the lived experience of every body.

We're on a mission to empower everyone to feel great about themselves through community, finding movement for joy, ease around food, in a pressure free environment to show that judgement, time, energy and a lack of connection are all barriers that we can overcome together. 

What are our values?

We give each other our full attention without interruption and validate and search for wisdom in the lived experience of others.

We work hard to keep an open mind, constantly check our assumptions, and challenge our prejudices where we find them.

We break the cycle of body shame by harnessing the immense power of compassion for ourselves and others, in all that we do.

We work to create an environment that welcomes everyone, is sensitive to differences, and is flexible and accommodating to all.


Is Nutriri 'anti-diet'?

We've learnt that to truly offer an inclusive and nurturing space - being 'anti-diet' is laced with further judgement if applied to the individual.
We are solidly anti-diet/judgement culture, and there's a huge difference in the two. We truly welcome you wherever we find you!

Isn't this jusy promoting 'obesity' or encouraging laziness?

Woah there! Nutriri works with all body shapes and sizes to find their individual version of food ease and body acceptance. Even those that are stuck in the understanding that 'if we're not trying to lose weight we're being self negligent'. 

I use slimming clubs/currently food restrict; can I join?

Absolutely yes!  - but don't expect us to talk about your diet! - We meet everyone exactly where they are, without judgement and further shame. You deserve our compassionate support, whatever you are doing with food..

What is weight neutrality?

Nutriri defines weight neutrality as looking out for our own wellbeing and mental health without a weight focus.

Do you provide weight-loss plans or weight-goals?

No, we've worked hard to create a community of acceptance and respect to help our members feel loved and help them nurture themselves based on leading research, content, and events.  We feel that 'self nurture starts with compassionate acceptance'.

Why have I never heard of Nutriri?

Nutriri is relatively new to the market, but we pack-a-punch. We are so grateful to have already been able to work with the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH); endorsing the Health At Every Size (HAES®) approach. We're also HIPsters! with the Academic Health Science Network's Health Innovation Programme.

What else should I know?

With the old school diet industry making billions... does it help to know that Nutriri is a UK registered social enterprise? - a beyond profit that is committed to re-investing it's profits to grow a movement to reach and support more people.

Can I get active at Nutriri?

Our 'in person' meet ups, and some of our e-meetings, offer a chance to connect and be out in nature, walking or running; on a bike; taking a swim. Or sometimes we’ll celebrate and dance like no-one is watching!
For some of us, our capacity to exercise fluctuates; so most importantly, there’s no judgement found at Nutriri - just connection and nurture.
**launching soon**
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