Why does Nutriri charge for some of it's services?

We do have FREE Membership, but for the rest... Rather than set up a charity - constantly asking for donations - we wanted to disrupt the money that flows towards diet companies (in the UK we've estimated that we spend around £500 million each year to stand on scales at weekly weigh in clubs!)

Does Nutriri make a profit?

Not yet, but when we do, it is written into our company's constitution that we are to re-invest at least 51% of profits into our work.  So your contribution is getting body image and intuitive eating workshops into schools. #FeelGoodDoGood

What is a social enterprise?

It's a usual business that is committed to have social impact - for Nutriri, that's to reduce body stigma and disordered eating, by growing a network of weekly groups exploring body confidence and mindful, conscious, intuitive eating.

So does my contribution help?

We can't do this without you!  Nutriri is built on the 'lived experience' of many - experts and non-experts - working together (all volunteers at the moment) to make stuff happen.  With your support (through summit tickets and peer mentoring memberships) it'll happen sooner! 🙏🏼

What is Nutriri doing next?

Since the beginning (2015) our aim has been to have a Nutriri weight neutral group available wherever you find a weekly weigh in group.  We have a group of volunteers ready to train and open our first tranche. Behind the scenes we are busy seeking funding to boost our progress - watch this space.