Please help us measure the impact of the 'As You Are' Summit
January 21, 2020


There is a 2 minute ANONYMOUS survey designed by Dr Angela Meadows to help gauge and reflect upon our own biases and weight stigma.  And it would really be helpful to Nutriri if you could take a few moments to submit your responses.

Nutriri is also keen to keep offering our anonymous feedback loop - a safe space to say what needs saying, ask a question or express a concern - please use this whenever you feel some feedback coming on - however critical - it helps us learn and grow to your needs.

We also encourage public feedback / reviews, one place for that is here.

Thank you for being part of the solution, for taking in some of our 'As You Are' summit and for supporting what happens next...

Warm wishes,
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Helen James (Nutriri)

The summit happened in January, well worth some replays...