We know they don't work so why keep prescribing them?
January 16, 2020


'Diets don't work' (or more accurately aren't sustainable) is a mantra many of us know.  Some of us also realise that being kind to everyone, regardless of their size, is a world we want to live in.  

Yet we've all been raised in a society that is fat-phobic with a medical profession that subscribes to BMI; viewing an 'obesity epidemic' as justification to continue the marginalisation and shaming of higher weight bodies.


We've made this final live session of our 'As You Are' summit free to access so that as many people as possible can come along to hear the facts and science behind size acceptance being good for us.

Dr Anglea Meadows.

Full ticket and membership holders can access all of the replays and extra content from all 10 speakers here.
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