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May 06, 2020

How are you? Have things started to feel normal for you? Are stress levels still raised?
I'm finding each day emotionally different... with states of…
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#COVID19 SUPPORT - The pressure to use this time to shape up, transform habits and 'be the best you' is increasing the struggle for many. 
We don't want a lowered income to get in the way of you finding food and body ease, so please connect - with full access - for FREE here.
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SUPPORT US - Nutriri is a not for profit social enterprise. Currently 'falling through the cracks' of financial support from the UK Government. We need your support if we are to continue providing services. If you can afford it, your £10pm would really help.
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PHILANTHROPIST - We have big plans, beyond covid, to grow the movement and be able to offer in person 'Connect & Nurture' groups around the country. If you have the means... please access our support knowing that your contribution is helping many others too.
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£1,000 / year (save 17%)
  • One to One walk through of our Food & Body Ease Course
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