For appearances sake...
May 28, 2020

(4 years ago) I used to look back at my own vastly changed body over time with regret - ‘if only I’d have not let myself go’ ‘all that miserable effort put into losing that 4st that time; you think I’d have kept more off’

Around the time this picture was took, I was probably crediting all of this this weight change episode to ‘mindful eating’, later to learn that a mis-read thyroid condition meant I was headed for a thyroid storm, and 2 rounds of immunosuppressive (and metabolism suppressive) drug treatments for hyperthyroid - but hey! I was losing weight!

Accepting lovely compliments - Lovely friends would say lovely things, with none of us that aware of the mental/physical wellbeing impact on each of us - truth is, we can’t tell who does and who doesn’t get impacted by our innocent appearance praise. 

And I get it! My ‘anti-PC’ friends will defend their actions and words. And I get it because it’s my role to find my own resilience to it - expecting the outside world to show up for me in a particular way is the looooong way round after all - I’ve spent decades myself complimenting their weight change after all!

Not any longer... I now put all of this learning into Nutriri to be a service that helps others find the peace I now have (incidentally at higher weight) around food and my own body image. 

mental health awareness week #MHAW #bekind #bodyimage

These types of post/email are supposed to have a CTA - call to action - this one is just to nudge some further engagement - regardless of where you are right now on the body acceptance / food behaviour spectrum.

Much love,
Helen and all the volunteers at
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