Does the incoming 'anti-obesity' campaign cause more harm than good?
July 24, 2020
Large scale government campaigns impact higher and lower weight people alike.

The Beat Eating Disorders Charity website is calling for 'Public Health not Public Shaming' saying...
"We really frequently get callers to Beat’s Helpline who say they have been advised to ‘just eat less’ or ‘join WW’ when they're struggling with a serious eating disorder"

The government is planning an 'anti-obesity' campaign, they say to help counter with a general increase in BMI through Covid19 lifestyle challenges.

Nutriri feels that pushing on with this approach is severely lacking any new thinking.

And many people agree, including Dr Charlotte Cooper saying "there have been multiple wars on obesity since the WHO report in 2000 with no apparent reduction in BMI" Dr Cooper suggests "Look for community-based interventions with rock-solid evidence of long-term health improvements and adapt to local and specific populations (clue: Health At Every Size); Include fat in anti-oppression policy; Develop sensitivity-training; Critique healthism; Get better at disability politics; Learn how to care for people as they are; Identify and support fat community mentors; Pay them properly; Recognise the agency of fat people to define and develop projects on our terms; Invest in self-help projects; Stop ignoring, patronising, blaming and shaming us!

^^^^^ we think Nutriri is working towards much of this - and learning, alongside you, about the stuff we don't yet know! ^^^^^

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