June 19, 2019

Who doesn't like a good giveaway?

To celebrate the launch of our (long awaited) not on facebook membership platform - we're going to be giving away some 5 month passes to our 'Insight PLUS' coaching package! (worth £50 each)

You'll need to be signed up to our FREE membership (no credit card required) and to improve your chances of nabbing one of the FIVE month 'Insight PLUS' passes you'll need to be active and engaged in here.

That's why we call them...

See you over there soon,
Warm wishes,

...we have BIG news coming about our online summit supporters and sponsor...

...if you are receiving this via email (ex-teachable) you still need to claim your free membership using this link...

Just so you know... we set up our posts to drop into your inbox every third day; we feel this is enough to keep everyone connected but not too much to be a pain!  (there might be the odd confirmation email connected to other products you've signed up for separately) Please let us know if this doesn't suit.

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Libby Heaton-Jones

Every three days sounds like a good plan hopefully enough to keep me on track and my mind focused.

Anna Jones

I’d love to have free access to the’ insight plus ‘ programme. I haven’t quite got used to using this membership platform though. Are there tutorials anywhere Helen to help me grasp it?

Nutriri Org

Hey Anna - fab question; thanks for asking it :)

we keep it really simple... once you are subscribed to any of our memberships, you'll receive

- an email (make sure these aren't landing in your spam) about every 3 days
- use the links in those emails to join the communal membership area
- if you comment and somebody replies; another email should land in your inbox
- you can 'like' posts & comments too (these don't trigger emails)
- some posts will be open to all tiers of membership and some will be just for your tier

There's more on connecting & nurturing here:-

Libby Heaton-Jones

Sounds like a sensible plan, I too am just trying to find my way around what’s on offer. I’ve found the downloads which are a fabulous tool.

Anna Jones

Thanks Helen. Makes sense. The email notifications when someone replies are very useful :)


Our FREE membership comes with...
  • Community Access
  • Peer Support
  • Wellbeing Self-Assessment
  • Event Discounts
  • Newsletter Email
Includes access to 4 products:
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Insight PLUS

£10 / month
Insight PLUS Membership includes ALL from FREE and...
  • Monthly LIVE Check-Ins
  • Insight Podcast Access
  • Exclusive Coaching Posts (Insight PLUS and above)
  • Your Summit Attendance Ticket (including Affiliate-ship)
  • Partner Discounts
Includes access to 4 products:
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Nurture COACH

£50 / month
Nurture COACH Membership includes ALL from Insight PLUS, FREE and...
  • Group Coaching and FULL Access to our Food & Body Ease Course 
  • Weekly LIVE COACHING deep dives
  • Coaching Podcast Access
Includes access to 5 products:
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ONE to ONE Nurture COACH

£100 / month
£1,000 / year (save 17%)
ONE to ONE Nurture COACH Membership includes everything from the other tiers, plus:
  • One to One walk through of our Food & Body Ease Course
  • Scheduled One to One Coaching sessions (*available straight away to yearly subscribers / 2hrs per month otherwise)
Includes access to 6 products:
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